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The secondary school of Caspe was founded during the school year of 1966-1967. Therefore, in September of 2016, fifty years will have passed since our school opened its doors.  We strongly believe that this anniversary is an important milestone which deserves a moment of reflection that will allow us to express our gratitude to those who have helped us during all those years. At the same time, we would like to present our projects to improve the future education. Half a century has passed during which our school has seen lots of people come and go and it has been witness to many events that have changed our lives forever. In our classrooms, three generations of teenagers have gradually turned into adults, young people from Caspe and neighbourhoods. Each and every one of them nurturing determination and ambition to achieve knowledge in order to fulfill their dreams. Many changes had to be faced during all these years, but Caspe’s secondary school has always been an irreplaceable reference for the cultural and educational future of our region.

Looking back might fill us with nostalgia and memories. However, these moments of reflections must be regarded as an incentive to concentrate on the important role that our school plays in the everyday life of our students, teachers and the whole educational community. In order to maintain the level of today’s requirements, we need to carry on with the modernization process of our school, thus promoting the expansion and renovation of our educational institution and this way adapting ourselves to the standards of the 21st century. The public school, which we are encouraging and defending, has to be improved every day not only with the dedication and the enthusiasm of everybody but also with the acknowledgement and the appreciation of our students. Celebrations should therefore help us evoke our background and our past. At the same time, they will provide us with reasons expressing the preferences of our wishes.  

Therefore, our Management team summons each and every one of you to work together with us and become partners in the creation and planning of activities, activities that will bring to light our engagement with the past, the present and the future of our school. We need your contribution and your participation so that we can all take pride in being part of our educational community.

For any questions or suggestions about the organization team, or regarding the planning of activities please contact us at the following e-mail address:


I.E.S. Mar de Aragón  C/José Mª Albareda s/n  50700 Caspe (Zaragoza)  Tel. 976 63 02 08  Fax 976 63 08 43




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